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Jason West

Jason West

Trevor West (father, deceased)
Gwen West (mother)
Stacey West (sister)
Bryn West (uncle)
Gavin Shipman (brother-in-law)
Unnamed niece/nephew
Barry Island, South Wales
Portrayed by
Robert Wilfort
First appearance
Series 1, Episode 5
Last appearance
Series 3, Episode 6

Jason is Stacey's gay elder brother, the son of Trevor and Gwen West. He lives in Spain with his Spanish boyfriend.

Appearing in all three seasons, Jason frequently visits Wales to see Stacey and Gwen but conflicts with Uncle Bryn due to an event occurring before the series began on a fishing trip which they never speak of.

According to Gwen, Trevor always resented Jason due to his birth inevitably ending his life as a single man.

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