Jean is an unseen character who featured in Series 2, Episode 5.

Gwen hates Jean as do Doris and Nessa. As to why Gwen hates her, all that is known is that scissors were involved. Gwen even refers to her as an "evil witch". It is possible that she is universally disliked due to bad manners. For instance when talking to her on the phone, Bryn asks her to watch her conduct at the party and reprimands her for being rude to him and telling her that she will be asked to leave or even forcibly removed if she acts up at the party.

Invitation to Gwen's surprise birthday party:Edit

As Bryn was low on numbers for Gwen's surprise birthday party, he resorted to inviting people he knew she did not like, including Jean. Both Nessa and Dorris berated Bryn for inviting her, Doris saying that she hoped Gwen hadn't had a drink when she arrived. Indeed Gwen was initally angry that Jean was there, however she seemed to have forgotten it later, although Bryn had to hastily stop Jean from going over to speak to her. Doris however had no qualms about showing her dislike for Jean, even going so far as calling to her from across the room and flipping her off.


  • Before the party Jean had annoyed Gwen by sending her a birthday card. Gwen put it straight in the bin.
  • It is possible that Jean is a heavy drinker as according to Doris she "staggered" into the hall.

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