Michael Shipman

Gavin stacey mick-1-

b 1950 age 57 in season 1 age 59 by the end of season 3
Gavin Shipman (son)
Stacey West (daughter-in-law)
Unnamed grandchild
Keith (cousin; deaf)
Billericay, Essex
Portrayed By
Larry Lamb
First appearance
Series 1, Episode 1
Last appearance
Series 3, Episode 6

He is in his mid-fifties and a down-to-earth guy like his son. He's happy with his life - running his own company playing golf and going to the pub every tuesday. He is something of a calming influence on his wife Pam Shipman

  • In Series 2 Mick was briefly a local celebrity after finding the charred body of a woman on his company's premises. The story was broadcast on BBC News, however Mick only appeared on screen for a matter and seconds, much to the disappointment of everybody, especially Bryn.