Ruth "Rudi" Smith

Rudi Smith

Neil Smith Sr (father, estranged)
Catherine Smith (mother)
Neil Smith (brother)
Neil Smith Jr (nephew)
Edmond (grandfather)
Billericay, Essex
Portrayed by
Sheridan Smith

Rudi is Smithy's slightly chavy sister sister who loves clubbing.


Rudi's full name is Ruthael Jacki Emily Smith, after her maternal garndmother. Her mother is a 'bit of a weirdo' and Rudi seems to be the result of a problem family. She appears to have no regard for her work, and doesn't "give a toss" if she gets fired from her drive-thru burger job. Her best friends are Ros and Florence.


She seems to be quite childish, often getting into fights with her big brother through attacking him with snide remarks, often about his weight. In one appearance Rudi turns up at Gavin's house to get the house keys off of Smithy and when Pam asks whether Rudi needs a lift she replies that she does not because she has her heelys. She gets called Smithy by her friends, which annoys her brother, often causing fights.

Despite their fights, Rudi and Smithy generally care about each other and appear to have grown closer after Gavin moved to Barry.

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