• They were on their knees
  • They did it because it was cold.
  • It is legal in the United Kingdom
  • According to Dave, it defies the laws of gravity


In Series 2, Dave Coaches is back romantically involved with Nessa therefore back accepted into the West Household. Bryn finds out that this is happenning and starts panicking, so he goes up to Jason and confesses that he has told someone about the Fishing Trip. Bryn told Jason, that Six months after the Fishing Trip, Bryn still remained crying so he went over to the Island to play a game of Crazy Golf. After wards he met Dave at the kiosk (where he worked) and he asked how he was and that is when all that was revealed and since then Bryn and Dave have really never gotten on. It is very awkward when Dave takes the West's to Bingo and he says. So everything is alright now, you know, between you two because I wasn't really expecting you to be here, together. In addition in the Christmas special (2008) Bryn, Jason and Dave have a late night meeting in the kitchen all getting some milk. Dave walks in on the both of them hugging shirtless. Bryn says they are going to talk it out but Gavin walks in afew moments later breaking up the meeting.